Farming and work was a way of life for Gerald and Marjorie Peffer Jones married in 1973.  They were both born into farming families.  They bought their first dairy farm in 1979.  As if that wasn’t enough, Gerald hauled livestock and Marjorie had a bakery business as well as being the bookkeeper and raising six sons.  In 1992 they bought their first butcher shop, Cabin Hollow Butcher Shop Inc. in Dillsburg Pa.  In 1993 the dairy herd was sold due to the expanding custom farming operation which allowed the Jones to focus more on crop farming.

In 1997 Gerald Jones and Sons Trucking Inc. was formed with son Wayne, who hauls Pioneer seed from Elizabethtown Pa. to the East coast.  In 2006 they purchased their 2nd butcher shop, Warrington Farm Meats.  This added a unique-ness to the family owned businesses by providing an established retail market for their own farm raised and fed beef with NO GROWTH HORMONES (a growing demand in today’s economy).  They can truly say “from our farm, to your freezer~ we have you covered!”  Warrington is managed today by eldest son Darryl, who by the way, also owns Jones and Martin Auction Services.

Today Darryl, Keith, Wayne, Joshua, Jerry and Travis are all fully involved in the family businesses, whether it’s , trucking, tending crops, raising and feeding livestock, or marketing grains and beef.